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K. Redd Signature Apparel was originally designed to make a bold statement that allows each customer to express themselves without having to speak a word. We were established in May 2017! We originated with our I AINT GOT IT, GRIND and The T.H.O.T. Project graphic t-shirts and hoodies. 


That’s our purpose!


 Our mission, Is to provide a place where our customers can have fun with expressing their truth with our apparel at a reasonable price. 


I AINT GOT IT isn’t a statement nor claim of being broke, it simply means I don’t have it to give to you.


GRIND In all walks of life one should know…. B4 you shine, you gots to GRIND!


T.H.O.T. Project The Thoroughly Honest & Overtly Transparent Project was my wonderful idea on how to get people to be authentic with who they truly are, besides the world would be a much better place if everyone was a T.H.O.T.!


The K. Redd Signature Apparel journey continues as we are excited to introduce new vibrant apparel for our customers.


I am K.Redd and this is my signature apparel!

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