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K. Redd Signature Apparel was originally designed to make a bold statement that allows each customer to express themselves without having to speak a word. We were established in May 2017! We originated with our I AINT GOT IT, GRIND and The T.H.O.T. Project graphic t-shirts and hoodies. 


That’s our purpose!


 Our mission, Is to provide a place where our customers can have fun with expressing their truth with our apparel at a reasonable price. 


I AINT GOT IT isn’t a statement nor claim of being broke, it simply means I don’t have it to give to you.


GRIND In all walks of life one should know…. B4 you shine, you gots to GRIND!


T.H.O.T. Project The Thoroughly Honest & Overtly Transparent Project was my wonderful idea on how to get people to be authentic with who they truly are, besides the world would be a much better place if everyone was a T.H.O.T.!


The K. Redd Signature Apparel journey continues as we are excited to introduce new vibrant apparel for our customers.


I am K.Redd and this is my signature apparel!

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Please read below, the answers to frequently asked questions.

Due to the ongoing outbreak of the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) which was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, and as the situation continues to evolve, K.REDD SIGNATURE APPAREL remains fully committed to pursuing the completion of all orders in a safe, diligent and reasonable manner under the current circumstances. This hereby notice is to inform of the potential delays beyond our control (ie factory production delays, factory shipping delays, factory closures, customs delays at the border, etc) around the globe that may impact the time it takes for purchased products to reach customers. K.REDD SIGNATURE APPAREL hereby reserves all rights it may have under our contract and applicable law to protect its legal and commercial interests, including without limitation the right to seek an extension of time on order completions. Please keep records you deem appropriate to confirm any extensions. We assure you that we are constantly evaluating all options in order to minimize the impact of such delays on any and all orders. Your cooperation in minimizing these impacts are appreciated as we continue to work together through this unprecedented event. Thank you.



All orders are online only. If it's not from this site then it's not real! (watch out for social media scams, UNLESS WE HAVE SENT YOU A DIRECT MESSAGE VIA SOCIAL MEDIA). Once orders are placed you will receive a receipt in the email you provided. If you order the incorrect size then wait until you receive the product and reach out for an exchange (if we have it) or for store credit. If you change addresses, update with the USPS and they will route properly and we will change your address on your profile for future purchases.

FIRST COME FIRST SERVE (FCFS) means they will ship within 72 hours and are in stock.

PREORDER means they are not in stock and are made to order. Once the preorder window closes, the factory is sent the orders and production begins. They will ship when completed and updates will
be provided on IG (see number 2 below).



Please be respectful to staff during interactions. We are working hard to complete all orders and handle any issues. Any disrespect, rude or vulgar behavior/talk can result in order cancellation/refund and can have you removed as a member (if you are a member).



Please be respectful to staff and fellow members/followers on social media (whether Instagram/Facebook). Rude behavior/comments, asking for updates, complaining about orders, or talking bad about the company or products can result in your comment removal, the profile being blocked, and even loss of membership or ability to shop with us (depending on the severity of actions). We are all one big family.



Updates are done via K.REDD Signature Apparel Instagram page @k.reddapparel. If you do not see an update then there isn't one! We provide updates as we receive them from the factory and are very transparent with any delays and notify customers when products have movement. Preorders can take 45 days minimum to complete at the factory (not including shipping times) and this is currently longer due to COVID-19 delays.



Orders are completed as efficiently as possible. If you have questions regarding your order please email our customer service at  (please provide your full name as seen on the order and your order number in the email subject line. Please be patient with and respect reply times as the number of emails we receive has increased since the pandemic and we are working to get back to everyone in a timely manner)



If you have an item that needs to be exchanged or returned for store
credit, send the item back to the sender (ADDRESS ON PACKAGE LABEL) Place a note inside that has the order number, customer name and reason for return. Once we process you will be contacted with further instruction for the exchange or a personalized code for store credit. (Please
read the return policy in the user agreement that you have to agree to before any and all purchases on what items are accepted as returns and which items are not).


What Our Customers Say

faq banner.jpg

Tae Winston

“Amazing customer service and great quality shirts. I love the fact that I have the option to customize my shirts also to be different. I highly suggest his brand to anyone.”

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